Glasgow unites against Boris Johnson

Thousands of Glaswegians “united together” this evening to oppose Boris Johnson.

The Not My Prime Minister demonstration began on the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls steps and sparked an impromptu march down Buchannan Street.

EU flags and picket signs were echoed by chants of “refugees are welcome here” and “Boris Johnson’s got to go”, in response to the Westminster election results which saw a Conservative majority after the party made significant gains in England and Wales.

Meanwhile the SNP won 48 out of 59 Scottish seats, and now represent all Glasgow constituencies.

Keir Kechnie, part of the Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) campaign who organised the protest, said:

“What you have here is a massive outpouring of anger, in opposition to the fact that Boris Johnson has been elected and he doesn’t represent the people of Scotland.

“He doesn’t represent millions of people across the UK.

“This is a declaration that we will stand up to his racism, his islamophobia, and his attempt to scapegoat the poor across the world, and indeed in this country.”

Organisers received a firm warning from police who blocked marchers from entering Argyle Street.

Pinar Aksu of SUTR refuses to accept Boris Johnson as Prime Minister:

“Everybody united together to oppose Boris Johnson.

“There’s a great solidarity in the streets of Glasgow, with diverse people coming together to chant.

“I think the struggle continues; this is just the beginning.

“We’re not going to accept Boris Johnson as our prime minister, and we’re going to end his rule.”

Demonstrator Katie Christie was wrapped in an EU flag and brought her dog along to the protest. She said:

“My dog thrives in crowds. He loves people!”

More seriously, she said of the Conservatives:

“They’re dragging Scotland out of the EU with no mandate, it’s completely against out wishes and they’re still ignoring us.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that they think they can get away with that.

“We are the second biggest country in supposedly a union of equals and it’s just not the case anymore.”

Whilst Scotland voted to remain in the EU, it now faces being taken out with the rest of the UK in January 2020.

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