Vegans: “We’re not all in your face!”

Glasgow’s first My Big Fat Vegan Christmas event took place on Saturday.

35 small businesses and charities took up stalls at The Briggait to showcase their vegan-friendly products, from clothes to cakes, aromas and jewellery.

Audrey’s Vegan Cakes

Event hosts Nina Rennie and Elisha Martin, owners of Generation Veg, said the aim of the event was to support their sister organisation, charity-based Vegan Connections.

“We’ve always had the tagline ‘inclusive not exclusive’”, said Nina.

“It’s about creating an environment where people can try out veganism, see if they like it, but not feel pressured to make it their lifestyle choice.

“Animal right charities and activism is really admirable. There’s definitely a place for that but this is a softer, more approachable form of activism”.

Elisha added: “It’s outreach in a different sort of sense, to show people all the different vegan options they have and really showcasing small businesses as well.”

Georgia Wheatley owns clothing company Dear Green Claes and designs T shirts which promote veganism with a Scottish twist.

“The reason I started [the company] was because anytime I went to buy myself a vegan T shirt, they were all a bit naff, militant or cringey”, she said.

“By applying Scottish humour, it makes it more accessible and it opens up the conversation.

“It’s just about trying to get people to look at veganism in a fun way and realise we’re not all in your face.

“Some of us are just normal Scottish people who happen to be vegan!”

Dear Green Claes

With 16 completely plant-based restaurants, Glasgow is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK.

British food box company Mindful Chef published findings in 2018 stating the city requested more vegan options than any other.  

And People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) named Glasgow the vegan capital of the UK back in 2013.

For those who missed this weekend’s market, the Glasgow Vegan Winter Festival will take place this Saturday and Sunday at Trades Hall of Glasgow.

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