General Election 2019: Who are the Glasgow Central candidates?

The race to Westminster is on for Glasgow Central candidates.

SNP’s Alison Thewliss will defend her current title as MP for Glasgow Central in the run up to election day on December 12.

Alison Thewliss

She was elected in 2015, and chances are she won’t be paying a visit to the job centre anytime soon.

Politics professor and social research expert Sir John Curtice said: “the polling evidence we have to date suggests that the SNP are favourites to retain the seat.”

20,000 people took to George Square on Saturday for a rally on Scottish Independence, the fundamental aim of the Scottish National Party.

Needless to say other parties won’t go down without a fight, however.

In the Green corner we have Elaine Gallagher, a writer and former environmental management worker.

Elaine Gallagher @ElaineSgp

The Scottish Green Party announced a shock bid to contest in over 20 constituencies this year – a giant leap from just three back in 2017.

“The Scottish Greens have a strong presence in Glasgow, increasing every time we go to the polls”, Elaine said.

She insists the Greens are the only party committed enough to tackling the climate crisis:

“The other parties claim green credentials but they accept money from oil and fracking companies or even approve new coal mines.”

Glasgow demonstrated its demands for action against climate change in September, when thousands of school children and adults gathered in George Square for a worldwide climate strike.

Elaine said: “I support a Green New Deal to rebuild the Scottish economy with energy-efficient homes and sustainable industry.

 “We have been effective in getting the Scottish Government to increase funding for councils and services, and councillors have made great strides in setting council targets for the future.

“I plan to bring the same commitment to Westminster.”

In the last decade, Glasgow Central has predominantly been a two-horse race between SNP and Labour – together accounting for 83% of total votes in 2017.

Alison Thewliss will once again come head to head with Labour’s Faten Hameed, who vowed on Twitter to “turn Glasgow Central red” this time around after losing by 6.3% two years ago.

Faten Hameed @FatenH4Labour

The Liberal Democrats haven’t held the seat since 1906, but candidate Ewan Hoyle is angling his campaign on tactical voting.

He urged twitter followers to back the party if they “unsure of who to vote for”, after criticising Labour and the Conservatives as “extremist parties”.

Ewan Hoyle @ewanhoyle

The Conservative Party have yet to confirm their Glasgow Central candidate, but rumour has it Flora Scarabello will be standing.

You may remember her from 2014 when she wrote to three national newspapers and appeared on BBC Reporting Scotland whilst still at school, complaining about exams being “too easy”.

Flora Scarabello: 2019 Tory Candidate?

The Brexit Party haven’t made up their mind on who will stand in Glasgow Central.

Since over 70% of people in the constituency voted to remain in the EU, perhaps they are actually struggling to find a candidate at all.

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